Cannot log bug support call

cannot log bug report on bubble support - see error


This is definitely an issue… perhaps you can email

Also pinging @Bubble @sam.morgan @jess so they’re aware of the issue.

Thanks @johnny I did log a support call but have not received a response either.

How long ago did you send in the email? It looks like the issue with that page is whoever created it forgot to escape quotes :sweat_smile:

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28hours ago :grinning:

Hey Guys -

Sorry, we’ve been a bit backlogged on support. I flagged this issue to our team yesterday and we’re working on a fix - this happens because of special characters (I’m noticing you pasted a cURL command). You should be able to work around this in the meantime by putting the cURL command in a public google doc and sending a link to that. We’re working on resolving the error message behavior!

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