Frustrations with Bubble support and troubleshooting

@bubble, I’m taking to the forum to hopefully have a wider discussion about Bubble Support around potential defects and how they’re supported. I raised a bug report for an issue I’ve run into. Now Bubble Support wants step-by-step instructions to help resolve. This particular issue would require me to setup a fake email account for them and populate that email system with 60+ emails, then provide probably 20+ steps on how to replicate the issue. All of this is a real time suck and seems entirely unnecessary.

Instead, I suggested having a screen sharing session so I can replicate the issue for them in a much faster way, but they refuse to allow this. I’m not expecting them to fix anything on the fly, but simply show them the issue. I cannot see how providing step-by-step instructions is going to help with resolution when I can easily perform the steps and they can look at the logs or backend after they are performed.

I completely understand the want to deflect as many issues because users are stupid, support is time consuming, or other similar reasons, but there needs to be a better way to support us as customers when we run into problems.

Hi @Kfawcett

It can be frustrating and I have had mixed results form support, but I believe it has more to do with the available resources and trying to prioritise based on urgency amongst other issues.

What I have done in the past is step out the process 1 through 15 etc… and then given them access to my account so they can perform the process themselves. However, the result I get from this is mixed and is based on the experience of the support person, and this would be difficult because a lot of us here are more experienced in the quirks of bubble building than the person providing support.

I don’t think its a case of Bubble not caring or that they are trying to discourage bug reports, but I do think it is a case of having time and resources to scale up and build an experienced support team.

You could try sharing it with the community and some of us may have experienced it and found a work around.

But yes, in the meantime, it is frustrating.

Thanks Steven, this is not something I can share easily and I believe is related to other bugs that I’ve posted about before that involve modifying workflows. I think when you delete/modify actions in workflow, then the workflow can become corrupted in some way. I had removed some steps and now one particular step (API workflow on a list) in my workflow appears to no longer work, but other similar workflow steps work just fine, so I know it’s not a permission/privacy issue as other workflow steps are performing the exact same action outside of one value being different. I can also see the step getting triggered, but I do not see any additional related logs that should fire with it.

I know you know :wink: Restore from previous backup, it worked for me (and cost me many hours, not to say days). This is sad when it happened. No time for bug report. Trying to duplicate can take longer time. Fully understand.

Second, make a video of the issue can help Bubble support to catch faster.

Yep, I know all too well, but I would rather Bubble fix the bug, if there is one, then continue restoring and not knowing how many items I have to rebuild.

@Kfawcett its worth persisting with support, they’ve fixed corrupt workflows for lots of people before. Its an annoying area, because there is no visible sign of the issue.

Some ideas …

  • Upload a video with steps to reproduce the problem and share it with support.
  • Copy your app, does the problem persist in the copy?
  • Export your app to json, import as a new app, does the problem persist?

If the copy/new app shows the same problem, modify the copy:

  • Export the app to json, to form a baseline for comparison.
  • Remove the workflow step, export the app to json.
  • Recreate the workflow step, export the app to json. Is the recreated step now working?

This way support can do some diffs to drill down on the problem area.


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