Cannot select my login or sign up buttons in my Preview mode

Hello Fellow Bubble users

I am spending much of my time trying to figure out why I cannot select my Login or Signup buttons in my header when in Preview Mode.

I have been looking at the workflows for these buttons as well as the work flows on the Signup pop-up. Please can you share some ideas, I must be missing something.

Unfortunately I cannot think of any other useful information to share with you guys to help you to assist me (if you want to see a setting or know more, please let me know).



Do you have a reusable element as the header on the page? If you can share the link to your editor, set to “everyone can view,” we’ll be able to help diagnose.

Hello, help is appreciated.

I have changed the setting to allow “everyone to view”, as for the link, this is the URL I am working from in my editor (not sure if this is the correct link):

Any input welcome.:grinning:

In your header, you have a group called “Group B” that is overlapping the login buttons. You need to move those buttons into Group B, otherwise they’re covered up and unclickable.

Thanks, that seem like a very logical explanation (appreciate the help).

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