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Button Not Triggering Pop In Preview

I have a button that is should trigger a popup questionnaire. My workflow is below. For some reason in preview mode, the button does not work. Any advice?

I think you have to click the “popup user” dropdown and make sure the "popup user’’ is highlighted yellow.

Thank you for responding. I did check and it is highlighted yellow.

This sounds weird because usually when buttons are clicked they are supposed to do something. :smiley:

The screenshot is cut off, so I might be wrong here, but do you have multiple elements called Popup User? Could you share a link to your editor?

Could you make it public? Settings > General

it should work now.

Your header is in the way. It’s sitting on top of the buttons, so that’s why they are not clickable. Your header is currently expanding past those buttons because of the login and other popup that require it to have a big height. Either move the buttons somewhere else, or I’d actually take the reusable login element outside of the reusable header element and add the login to the pages you need them.

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That worked!!! Thank you soooo very much!

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