Elements not showing in prevew

Hi all,

New to working with Bubble and enjoying it so far, however Im having an issue as above.

I am using the pre built sign up/login page from the components section. I have removed the sign up box and replaced this with only a login (I want a sign up to be done through a multistep form). This shows in the editor but when viewing the page preview only the group header is showing. Ive spent the last hour trying to resolve this and I have no idea why it wont display.

If anyone has any idea why I would be very grateful for the help!


As I remember (can’t check right now) Bubble’s sign up/ log in form is using custom states. So when custom state is X - sign up form is shown, login form is not visible. When custom state is Y - vice versa. Custom states are changed via workflows. Visibility is managed via Conditional tab of the element.
So, check it :slight_smile:

Thanks! Appreciated. I will take a look now.

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