Canonical via "Point URLs to primary domain" - what does it do for subdomain?

This is probably a very naive question, but if I have my app on a subdomain ( and have a primary homepage, blog, etc (, does checking the “Point URLs to primary domain” point my app’s URLs to or


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Just hoping to bump this in case anyone can help out. Thanks!

Bump. Did you read the docs? Tell us what they say. Are they wrong?

Yep, I read the docs. This is what they say: " Check this box to enable a Bubble-defined canonical url tag. A canonical url tag redirects users and search engines to your primary domain in order to prioritize its ranking in search results by avoiding duplicate urls. If you set up a custom domain for your app, this will also hide the built-in Bubble domain, in favor of the canonical custom domain."

The issue I’m having deciphering this is by “primary domain” I’m not sure if that means the domain that the bubble app is set up on (i.e. or the root domain ( that the homepage is hosted on (via Wordpress).

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Any update on this? Have you asked Bubble?