Change URL when in app

Hey everyone,

Looking for a way to change the URL for users when they’re in the actual software side of things.

For reference, I want all my index/normal website pages to have the regular domain,, and then I want all the software/app pages to have a different domain, (same domain, but that an additional suffix I guess you could say).

How can I achieve tis?

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yep its called a subdomain.

You can add a subdomain through your hosting provider, then add the DNS settings for the app, and use that subdomain for bubble.

Can you explain how to do this a bit more in depth? I purchased my domain through GoDaddy, not sure how to handle it from there.

Have a look at Add a subdomain | Domains - GoDaddy Help AU

Thanks. I feel like I understand everything except the IP Address part. How can I figure out what to use for that? I couldn’t find it anywhere, including the post you sent me.

When you try to add a custom domain to bubble, it will give you a list of addresses to use :slight_smile:

Thanks, that makes sense. Now will that change the domain for every page? I want it where the subdomain is only on the pages that are the actual web app, not the marketing/index pages.

If you’re splitting the content across domains you would need to have it setup up like: : hosted website like WordPress : bubble app