Can bubble be set up on a subdirectory?

Hi there ! I’m looking for a way to have bubble setup on a sub directory.

For SEO performances, I want to have a wordpress setup on “” and the bubble app on “”.
I know we can do that with sub domains, but I want everything to be on the same domain.

Did any of you manage to do that ? Is it even possible ?

If not, other solution would be to have the bubble app on “” and a wordpress on “”. Is this second option possible ?

Thanks for your help !

Hi there, am I the only one with this need ? :smiling_face_with_tear:


Subdomain would be ideal, since both WP and Bubble are CMSs and want to control the index. Can I ask why specifically you would like it on the same domain?

Normal strat is have the primary domain as WP or other for SEO, then have app.primaryname for your application side when you want that.

Also you could always put the articles etc in bubble if you want it all in one?

Hi and thanks for your answer.
Last Google update doesn’t consider a sub domain as the parent domain. SEO score of the main domain won’t impact the subdomain. As our business will be mainly SEO based, I really need the bubble app and the WP to be on the same domain without using sub domain.

You’re right, we could build everything on bubble, but I know Bubble is not as effective as WP regarding SEO …

Yep, but if you think about the end result you want, as long as your main website then just has the Sign Up or Login button pointing to your app then there is no issue.

SEO only needs to be getting users to you, having a high seo score on your landing page + app is irrelevant right?

This is the tricky part : ,the bubble app will have a lot of public features and public content on it. It will play a big part in the SEO strategy.

fair, then I would suggest adding in html tags etc for SEO and just make Bubble SEO your main focus and have that all in one would be the best play here, im sure with some work you can get it pretty great

Thanks for the answer Oliver.

As I understand it, no way to make put the bubble app on a subdirectory, right ?

I think technically you could, but I think it would be very hard.

It would be more feasible to use a static HTML site and upload that to bubble

But could still have a lot of pain points etc