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Can't add a pause for Scheduled API Workflow

I’m trying to add a pause as an action for a Scheduled API Workflow, but Bubble is not permitting me to do so. Is there a way to use the “Add a pause before the next action” step and only run it after the Scheduled API Workflow has executed?

I think the only way to do that would be to hook up your backend workflow in the API connector as an action. That way you can “Return data from api” in your backend workflow and in the front end add the result of that from the previous step as a conditional.

Another method would be to have a field on user that is a yes/no and at the end of the backend workflow turn it to a yes. Then in the front end workflows add a Do when condition is true workflow with the condition being Current User’s backendField is yes. Then create the following actions there with the first one being turning their field back to a no.

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Thanks, @williamtisdale. I’m trying to delete an uploaded file once the Scheduled workflow is complete but I don’t want to delete the file before the workflow is run.

Edit: I think I can use a conditional to say “only delete the uploaded file when step n is date picker’s value + 1s”.

Just add the file delete action as the last step in the scheduled workflow. Or create a seperate backend workflow for the deletion the file and use current date time + … minutes/days as the execution date.

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Thanks, @gerbertdelangen. I think I’ll try your separate backend workflow idea since I need to make sure the file (in my case an image) isn’t deleted before its sent.

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