Can't add an element action to a reusable element

Trying to add an action to a work flow. It is an element action. The object is a reusable element. Neither the show or the hide drop down shows the reusable element I want. Those drop downs do show a reusable element that I deleted. The deleted element was called “Signup / Login Popup A”. The elements I created and are not shown are called “Login Popup” and “Signup Popup”.
In the list of reusable elements the deleted one is not shown and the ones I made are shown.
I have screen shots below.

Oh… never mind. I just saw your most recent two screenshots.

Try putting those reusable elements into other groups on your main design page. Then show the group that contains the reusable element from the workflow.

Thanks, that does not work.

Haha oh. Strange.

Well I have personally done that myself and had it work fine…

Is your reusable element a “popup”?

If you turn your reusable into a regular group then:

Draw a group (Group A) on your main design page
drag your reusable element inside of group A
then a workflow that says show “Group A” and making sure that your reusable element is set to “visible on page load”

That should work… but if not, maybe someone else will know. :grin:

Have you refreshed you editor? Can you share a link, it’s easier to assist when we can see inside the app.

I fixed this by adding the popups to the header. Thanks All.


@vholford how did you do that? I’m having the same problem right now