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Hello Bubblers.

This is my first post! I only started with Bubble a few weeks ago and studying hard to learn this amazing builder.
So I have got stuck with displaying a sign up pop up on my home page. I have two buttons: login (shows the login pop up) and sign up (shows the sign up pop up). The sign up pop up cannot be shown as the element is not visible in the “show element” dropdown in the workflow builder.

When I click the sign up button in the design editor and go to “workflow” and then choose elements / show/hide on click, then only the login pop up is available in my dropdown list of options (the signup pop up) is not there.

Any ideas? I’ve tried re-creating it and can’t see any reason why only one pop up element is available to me.

Many thanks

Hi @phil4,

Welcome to the Bubble community! Excited to have you!

I just want to gather a little more info. Is your popup a in a reusable element?

Hi Johnny,

Thanks, yes, it’s set up as a reusable element. Please see attached.

Hey @phil4,

Make sure to put the reusable element on your page in order to show it

thanks Johnny, the element is on the index page and shows in the element tree in design view. On the workflow view you can’t see it. This issue is driving me nuts! Attached new image

You’ve placed the PopUp_GetStarted reusable element on the index page?

Yes, is that not right?

Screenshot 2021-04-10 at 19.32.16

Hmm weird, where is your sign up button located?

It’s in the header.

The only difference i could see between the two pop up elements i have is that the “Get Started” one has a data souce field above, whereas the “Login” pop up doesn’t.

Is your header in a reusable element?

yes, it is, this is a strange problem!

My guess is that the workflows you’ve pasted here are in your header RE and not on your index page correct? Then I would also guess that you have the login RE within the header RE and thats why you can see it, but you don’t have the signup RE within the header RE. Confirm if this is the case and then we can guide you on the solution.

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Hi all,

I have exactly the same issue. (and I am also a newbie to bubble).
If I put a button into the body of the index page, I can see the sign up option in the workflow just fine. But when I try to link a button imbedded into the header, then I do not have the option to select the sign-up popup.
Both signup popup and header are set up as reusable element.

Did you find how to fix it?


Ah; found it. The popup needed to be nested inside the header. Not sure I fully understand the logics ( I am a few tutorials away from that) but that will do for now.

Hi Tom, yes, it needs to be in the header, not the page!

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