Can't add workflow


I have an issue where I can’t add items to the workflow.

I’ve also just discovered that I can’t add any item to any workflow so I’m completely stuck in doing anything in the app.

All looks good so far

When I click to add an item, it all works as it should

When I click on “Display data”, it doesn’t get added to the workflow and I have a [missing: Text] error on the bar of the popup

I also can’t copy and paste from any other workflow.

If I click off it and come back to it, it remains empty

I hope someone can help as I can’t do anything at the moment to progress.

Many tia

Hi there, @cousens… weird stuff like what you are describing can usually be fixed by refreshing your editor (and possibly clearing your cache, too). If that doesn’t work, you should submit a bug report so Bubble support can take a look at your app.


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Thanks so much Mike. I’ve tried reloading, restoring, will try and clear cache and see how that goes. It works with my other sites though. Very strange.

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BTW, if you ever want to give a web page (including the Bubble Editor) a good hard reload, open your dev console (hit F12) and long click or right click on the refresh button to expose various options, including the option to clear the cache associated with the page:

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For everyone else who had this issue, @mikeloc had the answer which was to clear the browser cache.

Thanks @mikeloc!!

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Thanks for this very useful tip!

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