Can't click app buttons when embeded in iFrame on Safari iOS

The title is pretty much self explanatory.

I created an app with multiple pages, and it has been embedded via an iFrame inside a website.

Everything is working perfectly as intended, except that on mobile (Safari iOS) the buttons aren’t clickable. The fields can be completed and the app does what it needs to do, but the buttons remain un-clickable.

Works on desktop without a problem, but in iOS devices and Safari the buttons can’t be cliked. They work fine on iOS on other browsers.

Anyone has a clue why this is happening? And how to solve it?

Here is a link to test:

For those that might be having the same problem I found a “temporal” solution.

That solution is to make you button open whatever action it’s triggering in a new tab. In my case it was “mailto” and “tel” functions.