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Major Webapp Issues with Iphone only

My web app is running perfectly on my desktop (chrome) and on Android (also chrome), but my users on iphone are telling me that my store page is broken.

Here is the store page, the user selects a package
It then asks if they have a coupon, if no it charges the user
If yes, they enter the coupon and hit “use coupon”, then it charges the user

On iphone, nothing happens wether the user hits no, or hit yes and enters the coupon.

Not sure if this is a bug or if there is something I should know and take into account with safari/iPhone.

Edit: Definitely a safari only issue, Works on iphone 6 on chrome.I sent in a bug report just in case, but id like to hear if anyone else is having issues with buttons on safari.

you can find this site at and navigate to the store page.

Have you tested with Safari on a laptop but emulating phones?

I have not, how do I go about this?

Do you mean use safari, but use phone settings in responsive?

Actually Chrome might be the only one offering this…

I just tried again on Safari myself, still no good. Oddly, if I add it to the home screen and launch it from there it does work.

This glitch has broken my app, I’m going to rebuild my store in a different way for the time being while leaving the old section up. Hopefully it gets resolved.

Did you ever gain any clarity on this issue?

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I’d like to know as well. I have resorted to telling all people signing up for accounts in our apps to use Chrome or Firefox and not use Safari, that way I don’t have to worry about triple-browser support and trying to troubleshoot impossible problems that are likely to pop up over time and with developing new features.

I’ve been noticing a lot of issues around Groups using Safari (and even Chrome at times). @alexsstockton - Have you tried to recreate any groups that contain those elements from scratch (recreate Groups manually, but you can drag/drog elements into it)? This method has solved many of similar issues for my application.

Things are continually breaking while building, but usually when I recreate groups…the issue is solved.

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@philip @supernaturally Let`s try to crack this issue together and get some basic bubble conventions for how to build safari compatible web apps. When you encounter such an issue, try to screenshot the element hierarchial structure in bubble, and be more detailed on the exact issue with screenrecording or screenshots.

Alex provided a very interesting input, it works when added to home screen, what may be the difference in rendering. I suspect that the home screen app does have some differences even though they use the same Nitro JS engine since iOS 5, it could be localstorage but I know that bubble doesnt rely on this either.

Try an app where you have issues and try adding it as an home screen app.

Mobile Safari has lots of issues. if we can find what is causing the issues we can polyfill or build around it.

To inspect on a phone you can use Vanamco Ghostlab, Weinre or Safari s own debugger with your phone connected. I would like to contribute as I cant exclude safari users either, lets shed some light on this.