Can't Delete Image

I have created the following workflow:

  1. User clicks on IMAGE UPLOADER and uploads Profile Image
  2. When clicked on the UPLOADED Profile image A Pop Up Shows
  3. Pop has the option to Delete Profile Image
  4. When clicked on Delete Profile Image The Image should be deleted, but this step is not working.

What is the common workflow to delete an Image? Please help. I have been in a loop for 2 days now.


I think you might be forgetting to send the image data to the popup. Here are the workflows:

To upload the profile image:

When you click on the image:

When you click on Delete:

The popup should be of type Image:

Let me know if that works

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Schermafbeelding 2020-05-21 om 14.23.06

As said above, popup Image should be of type Image
Also make sure your data field “Profile Picture” in User is of type Image

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Somewhere on this planet YOU just made someone very very very happy! Thank you a million times! Thanks to you I have been able to locate the 2 issues I had:

  1. Send data to the pop up
  2. Make pop up type: image

I am really thankful! God bless!


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You’re welcome @arash.assadian glad you got it working, all the best for your projects :wink:

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