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Delete Image by clicking Icon

Hello all,

During the ‘List a Property’ step of my website, users can upload property images. I’m trying to build a feature that allows them to remove the image that they have uploaded, incase they upload an incorrect file.

So far I’ve added a delete icon that only appears when the image box has a value (has an image uploaded), and I’ve also built a workflow which I hoped would instruct the icon to delete the uploaded image, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Delete workflow

Close icon over an image

I’ve also considered using the multi file uploader but I’ve already built everything like this and it seems to do the job for now.

Any help with getting the icon to delete the image would be appreciated

Are the images displayed in a repeating group?

Nope, just individual image blocks.

Have the workflow reset the image upload. That’ll remove the image.

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That didn’t work for me, but instead I grouped the image + icon and chose the ‘Reset data’ option which worked great thankfully. Not sure if there’s a downside to doing it this way but it seems to work!

Thanks for your help though, wouldn’t have got there otherwise.

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