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Can't display data for each button from repeating list

Hi there!

I have a Repeating group with Buttons that includes Name of each user.
I want when I click on the button, near appears a Calendar that is different for each User.
Can you see the video and tell how to do it?
Video (clickable)


Hi @Maks !

  1. You should have a user field in your calendar database in order to be able to identify the events of each user. This make sense? As I saw, you don’t have a field where the type is “User”. So create a field called “User” (Type = User) in your calendar database.

  2. Create a custom state in your index page to store the selected user. Let’s call this custom state “Selected User” (Type = User).

  3. Create a workflow to run when you press the button in your repeating group, changing the custom state of your index page to the User of the current cell of your repeating group.

  4. In your calendar, when you are filter your events, make sure to filter the events where the User = Index's Selected User

So everytime you click a button, you will change the custom state and your calendar will update the search.

@rpetribu that’s you mean in option 1?


@rpetribu now I make workflow that set state of index page that get Current User

And now that should work? Or I must change some in Group

Or Calendar

Now you have to change your calendar “Data Source” to Search only for Calendars where User = Index's Selected User

That good?


This sloud work :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe, but now I can’t check that, I try now add events to calendar, but… Some’s wrong )

Hi, @rpetribu!

I make some checks, and for my regret, my Group don’t create a new calendar.
Is there maybe any wrong in logic?
I record 34 sec in debugger to show that I don’t create new calendar for each user.
34 seconds in debugger

I think you are not saving the new event in the name of the selectec user.

Remember that the selected user is beeing saved in the Selected User custom state, in your index page.

You should use User = Index's Selected User
You are using User = Parentgroup's My calendar's User

Could you check?

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Wow, that was true )

Ok, so now I can go forward
Thanks you, Rafael!

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Rafael, do you know how to make random color for every created event?

Random!?! Like, one pink, other green, other blue… without any criteria?
Of specific colors for each User?

If it’s real to set criteria that will be better.
For instance I want set 10 colors and from that 10th my program will choose one random. Is that possible?

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