How to create events from a repeating group calendar

I have created a repeating group calendar and followed the tutorial made by @codurly but I dont know how to create events with that calendar. I am trying to create a private calendar that allows users to add and delete events with ease. Any help would be great!

You need to set up your database to do so.

Create custom data type called ‘Events’ add fields ‘date start’ of type date and ‘date end’ of type date so that you have a start and end time…if you don’t need an end time, ignore the ‘date end field’

when you click on the cell in the repeating group calendar make it show a popup where you then add all the details of the event like description etc. and ensure you have those fields on the custom data type ‘event’

Then when saving set up workflow to create the event.

How do I make it show a popup?

add a popup to the page and then workflow action show popup

I couldn’t tell you without seeing the workflows. Feel free to make your app setting to ‘can be viewed by everyone’ and sharing the link to the editor. You can send the link in a PM if you want.

Ok I made it so everyone can view. How about now @boston85719

I can’t view it unless you provide the link

When you are creating the event you are not adding a date. You need a data field that is of type date on the event custom data type.

You can use a custom state to add the value of the date selected from the calendar and use that custom state value when saving the event.

How do you do that part? I did the first part but don’t know how to do the second. Sorry for all the questions!!

If you already have the custom state set up, it is the same as setting a dynamic expression you have already done in your workflow for creating the event, just set up the dynamic expression to point to the custom state value.

If you are interested in 1:1 lessons to help get you past significant road blocks, feel free to reach out to my in private message, as it is a service I provide.

I’m very well versed in scheduling as I’ve created a very complex scheduling application being sold as a template

@boston85719 I think I did the custom state but the event doesn’t show up in the repeating group. I would like it so once someone creates an event, it shows up in the box where they clicked the date. Im new to bubble so sorry if that didnt make sense.

No worries

This is something we could definitely hash out in a 1:1 session. Feel free to PM me for details on how to set one up so we can get you past this roadblock.

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