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How to realise users near the calendar?


I have no idea how I can create repeating group with people, that have each cell’s in calendar, where they can add events for instance.
I drew picture to show how it must be.

I should see on left list of names, and near they cell, where I can see some events that they adding.
So is there any way to make it? And how?


Hi :wave:

First, a repeating group of users. In this repeating group row you will have a text field aligned to the left with the name of the user. Right next to it you will have another repeating group, with one row and 10 small columns, showing the events of this row’s user.

But if I want add users and after there appear 20 users summary. Then repeating group with rows should generate more rows.

And what about scroll calendar dates? Data in columns should be changed

To make it easy you can use the Full Calendar Plugin and use the resource view. It’s a paid plugin, but it is very powerful.

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Maybe with that plugin will be easy, but I’m not sure, and also my current deposit equals $0.

I think a little and change my idea, so now I have a repeating group with Buttons that show names of users, near I put group and put there plugin Full Calendar (free). I want to show current user’s calendar when I’m clicking on button in repeating group

But now I don’t know what Type of content I should put in group with Calendar and to display different Calendars, when I choose someone?

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