Can't display images using Repeating group

Hello everyone,
I’m making a platform to collect some documents and I want users to upload multiple documents and be able to see visualize them in an another page. I’ve used repeating group by connecting it to data where I’ve created some new types where I stored this elements. It works well but the problem is that when the user tends to upload another document ( by navigating to the previous page) the website doesn’t save the other pictures so that everytime the user uploads an picture he’s able to see only the last picture he uploaded

Does anyone here have an idea to solve that problem ?

You should have a field on your User data type called Documents or something that is of type file and check the boxthis is a list. If it’s not a list it can only hold one file at a time - any upload wil ofcourse overwrite the previous file.

Hello @Kayami !
Thank you so much for your reply !

I’ve made the changes but i can’t find the ‘this is a list’ box, where can i find it please ?

@ali.assim when you create a new data type

Check out this field is a list (multiple entries) at the bottom

Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 22.13.27

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Thank you @Kayami
It worked !

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