Display Images in Repeating Group

Hello everybody,

i try to display a list pictures from my database in a repeating group, but i can’t figure out why it’s not working.

My idea is basically the following:
Via multifileupload i uploaded several times more than one pictures. I save every upload as a single row and add a list of files there.

Then i would like to display all list entries of my collections in a repeating group.

Here is my setup of my database:

Row 1: 3 files
Row 2: 3 files

= 6 Pictures to display

Question 1:
When i use the plugin “Multifileupload” from bubble, can i save every single picture in a separated row or is it only possible to save it as a list entry in one row.

Question 2:
Is it in general possible to show more than one picture of a row, when it’s saved as a list?

Best and thanks in advance

You can save this (there are examples on the forum on how to do it) through an API workflow or when you limit the number of saves you can also do this simply by selecting item #1, item #2 etc. So you make a ‘create new thing’ for each image and then just refer to them one after the other.

Q2. yes. An easy solution is to embed a repeating group in your repeating group. So you set up your RG: do search for X. Then in the first cell you add another RG and you do ‘current cell’s X’s images’. Make sure to add an image element in that second RG and you should be good to go!


Thank you this answer saved me so much time! Is there any alternative to the nested repeating group? I have a similar database set up (will use the data types referenced above for example sake) and would like to crate a a 2x3 grid where all 6 “picture_files” show at equal size regardless of “collection_id”