Can't display results of Oxford Dict. API call

Good day! Hope you could help with the following issue:
I have set up an Oxford API which gives successfully responses.

I try to display the results in, say, a repeating group but i am stuck at this step. Whatever I do or “play with” doesn’t seem to help. It could be a group instead of repeating group but it still won’t work. (i have “results” and “raw body text” as suggestions to continue Data Source instructions)

I could switch type of content to Get_TEST Oxford Synonym (as the field name is called in API return information in the 1st picture) but still get an error because data source now won’t match (data source must be GET_TEST Oxford (the name of my api))

I inspected what happens and API calls are successful and it even gives a lot of info in response. But i don’t need all the field, i just need the list of synonyms displayed.

I would be happy to provide any additional info if you’d be so kind as to look into the issue…

You need to select the Type of content and the Data source to match.
In API connector, you have a list of senses, a list of subsences and a list of synonyms.
So if you set GET_TEST oxford synonym as the type, you need to also use Get data from API connector…Get text oxford each item senses each items subsenses each item synonyms.

But you may want to do nested RG to display each levels (Example: One RG for Senses, and inside, another one for Synonyms).

Sorry, I did not quite get that… How can I display only synonyms for a given word?..

Select result first. I don’t know the full structure of the json.

Am I on the right track?.. thanks for your help!

I am willing to pay for anyone’s help! please DM me for that