Can't dynamically update dropdown value


I’m trying to add a workflow logic that updates a dropdown’s value when an invalid choice is selected.

I tried both methods in Set Value of a Dropdown From an Action but none of them worked.

The first method (wrapping the dropdown with a group and set dropdown’s default value to the parent group’s value) only worked for the first time the dropdown is selected. After that, when I select new values from the dropdown list, parent group’s value will still be updated but dropdown’s won’t. My guess is that default value only takes effect at the beginning.

The second method (using set state) didn’t work for me. I added a custom state - value. But this will create a new variable instead of connecting to the actual value field of the dropdown. In the inspect view, I saw two “value” fields.

This is such a simple logic but I couldn’t get it working in bubble. It’s really frustrating… Any help would be appreciated!

Set the drop down initial value to the value you want it to update to…then the group containing the dropdown run a workflow to clear data…that should clear whatever the drop drowns current value is back to the “initial value” setting.

I have no idea what your use case is for, so if what I suggested doesn’t work…provide more details of your page setup and the use case ( ie: what are you trying to get this to achieve ultimately and the type of data you are working with and what you want to do after the drop down value is set as desired )

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Thank you boston! This solved my problem. I was missing the reset input step.

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