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Change page state based on change to dropdown menu

Hello friends,
I’m looking to change the data source of a group based on the the value of a dropdown.
The concept works, but each time a user selects a new value the input is reset to the default, so I get the values of the next choice for a split second and then goes back to default values.

If I don’t set a default value the dropdown resets to the place holder text and the datasource of the group is blank after a split second.

I haven’t see this behavior of dropdowns automatically reseting to default state before.

Am I doing something wrong when setting a data source or the choices?

Thanks for the help!

Seems like this should work – is the dropdown’s selection changing as well, or just the data? Also for testing I’d create a text element that is set to show the dropdown’s value, and make sure the data is coming across.

Otherwise, you could try setting this up as a workflow. Leave the data source for the group blank, and create a workflow that triggers when the dropdown’s value changes. The workflow’s step should be to send data to the group.

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