Trying to set value of dropdown via a workflow

So I have a dropdown and I’ve set the default value to one of the fields associated with the User. So when the page loads, it defaults to this. This works just fine. Let’s assume the default value is “Every week”

After the page loads, I click on the dropdown and change its value to something else. Let’s say the new value’s name is “Every 2 weeks”. When I do this, it also updates the User field I was referencing earlier.

Then, I click another button on the page that triggers a workflow. When clicking this button, I want it change the dropdown’s selected value to be “Every week”. The User field I referenced earlier is updated. However, the dropdown’s value doesn’t change.

Any suggestions on how to get this to work so that when I click a button to trigger a different workflow, I can set the value for the dropdown?

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If you Reset that input it should cause the dropdown to re-evaluate Current User’s preferred weekly schedule.

(You may need to put it in a group to do this… just right click the dropdown, group it in a group, and then you can do a Reset on the group.)

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hell yeah. thanks keith


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