Showing API data in a repeating group

Hey all,

I’ve managed to set up an API recently, but now we’re facing a new problem with making the API data being pulled to show up in a RG group.

The data is supposed to show up in a repeating group but for some reason we can’t get the RG to show any information even though the call is coming back with some info.

When I input some information, the API information is then saved in a data set - but I can’t make it physically show up.


I feel it’s because of the data source being empty but in order to fill the data source I need a return value like this:

My data that I want to display does not have a list, it looks like this:

I hope this makes sense!

Thanks again,

You need to set Data source using Get data from API

Yeah I know - but like I said the API information is all separate. It doesn’t come in a list.

So this is what it looks like when I get data from an external API:

The data source stays red.


The type should be Post Req body Details locations
This is the list in your Screenshot. Data source should also be FC - Post Req body details locations

Hey Jici,

Thanks again for the reply.

The list shown does not contain all the information that I want to display on the RG - it only shows the location part of the information.

Also, when I put the list you said the data source turns red:


You didn’t change the typeof content, you need to change it to body details locations

Hey Jici - that makes sense, it turns blue now.

But the problem still exists because the body details locations list does not contain the information that I want to show on the RG.

The data that I want to show is not under a list