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Cant find Data Type in Zapier

No Data Type in Zapier. Any suggestions?

Hey there,

Have you tried to click “Load More?”

Having this same issue, load more is greyed out

I’m trying to use this and having the same issue too. They are connected and I can see my App and dev version of but no data types showing. My data from the Bubble API is definitely working too as I can access that from elsewhere.

Hey there @richard16,

Just a quick check. Are you on a paid plan?

Yes, this project is on the professional plan. I can also access the projects API using reqbin (which I always use for API testing) and Zapier is connected ok and can see the account, and project, just no data types within it :man_shrugging:

Hey there @richard16,

Have you enabled the Bubble Data API?

Yes, and I can access it from other services (e.g. reqbin) with no issue so I’m sure the API itself is fine. It seems to be the Zapier connector imo

Hmm. Alright. Have you tried to file a bug report, for the Bubble Success Team to take a look?

Funnily enough, I just went to do that and get some screengrabs to show the issue. Today it appears to be working fine! :man_shrugging:

Though annoyingly, my next issue is that all fields from a user table are shown apart from “email” for some reason. And of course, that’s the field I need to look for to check if a user exists before creating one…