Data not coming In Zapier

Hi Forum,
I am trying to get the data I get from Jotform (an online form builder) via Zapier in my bubble app. But whenever I am trying to get all the data, only some parts of the data set arrives at my database in bubble, but when I see the history within Zapier (see screenshots) I can see that the data from Jotform is arriving right, but it is not coming in the database of bubble. Any idea how this is not working?

How did you setup your Bubble endpoint in order to receive this data?

I did not, I just use the Zapier website and connect my bubble account via there.

Does somebody has a idea?

Try another automation service like make or pipedream, or pabbly. Maybe you need to edit something in your action in zappier. Please let me know if another service works better than zappier.

Another alternative is to do it more manually ( Jotform webhook-Bubble API endpoint) but of course it will requiere more testing with postman and creatin backend workflows in bubble.

Thats my idea, i havent make it work yet because im not in that step of my project, im still modeling my database.