Cant get first workflow to work


I’m trying to set up my first simple workflow.
I simply want to create a button that will play + pause audio.

I have attached a screenshot of my workflow in hopes someone can fix it up for me.

Thanks in advance

Separate your workflows.

Workflow 1: Gundam PLAY is clicked and aPlayer is Playing > PAUSE aPlayer

Workflow 2: Gundam PLAY is clicked and aPlayer is Paused > PLAY aPlayer

Hi @GhostCodes

Thanks for the fast response.
I’ve just been playing with it but I still cant get it to work.

I dont have an option for “a player is Paused” so I set it to 'Aplayer is playing “no”

Thank you!

Yeah I figured it would be a little different, but you understood what I meant :wink:

It still wont work for some reason?
I double checked the aPlayer plugin to make sure the audio works and it seems to be fine.

The “Gundam PLAY” I’m attempting to click is an image, could that be the reason this isnt working?

add a state to the workflow, to see if no/yes is working right when you click it

display that state somewhere (to debug it)

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