Music player issues? simple beginner questions

I recently bought the A player music plugin and can’t do anything with it at all. I’m thinking maybe this plugin is dead and needs to be removed? I can’t reach the maker or leave a review anywhere to let people know it doesn’t work. I drag it onto the page and then can’t add any elements to it or anything. Unless I’m too new to bubble and don’t know how things work, seems like I should be able to add elements but I can’t. Any advice on how to proceed. I’m just starting to learn Bubble and have been having a difficult time of it so far. Thanks!

Welcome to Bubble @clay2

To help you, please indicate which player plugin does not work with an example you can share.

Hi John,
Thanks for your response. So it’s the aplayer music player that’s in the Marketplace. I have basically built the player from scratch, reverse engineering it from the ‘edit view’ example the dev sent me. So, I upgraded my plan as I saw that the hobby plan doesn’t let you use paid plugins. I didn’t subscribe to it, I just paid the one price and bought the plugin. It says that it’s installed but the issue/bug checker says that though I am using the element aplayer I don’t have it installed. I believe this might be true in some sense, as the player never was anything, hence me having to build it. I’m going to leave a review and forward it to bubble about the plugin and the dev as I feel for 50$ I got pretty taken. How do I post an example for you to see?

Hi @clay2

I understand well the challenge you face with the plugin and a ‘hobby’ account. I suggest you write to Bubble about your situation and wait for their response.

[email protected]

Will do! Thanks John!

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