Can't get floating group or Reusable element to show in the list when creating Element Action> Toggle/Show


Newbee here and I was scrolling through forum with no avail.

I want to create a mobile menu that is shown when user clicks on burger menu icon. I am trying to use a Floating group or Reusable element (tried both) and make it Toggle/Show/Animate with workflow once the user clicks on the icon.

However, even when I create this new group it does not show on the list when creating Element Action> Toggle/Show/Animate element. Some other Reusable elements do show, but I can’t get this one to show.
It was showing an error and telling me that this Menu floating group can’t be under Page content, and I can see that in the Element tree it is, but I can’t move it out of there or create it out of the page?

How do I do this? :slight_smile:


For anyone that might be reading this and having the same trouble -I got it!

I needed to put this Reusable element into Header so I can create a flow that uses an icon that is inside the HEADER… and make it show this element. I can now see the element in the list of actions.


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