How do I show a floating group from a button in a reusable header?

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I have a situation where I’m using a floating group to show help content in the index page. However, the button to trigger the view of help is in the reusable header. How exactly do I get this floating group to appear when I can’t see it from the workflow? Seems like this is a solvable problem and I can’t seem to find it in the forum.

Thanks for your help!

Two options

  1. If the floating group needs to appear in every page, maybe it should be part of the reusable element and not in the page itself?
  2. In the header, in the relevant button, use the workflow action Go To Page… select the page you want to navigate to and add “data to send” (for example “show”). In the page itself use a workflow on “page is loaded” and show the floating group when the path is “show”…

something like this:


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I tried #1 but it won’t be taller than the header.

#2 works until you refresh the page. Not sure this will work but still testing.

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