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Can't get my API Workflow (inside Backend Workflows) to Detect Data

I’m trying to integrate live stripe payments into a bubble app. In order to use stripe webhooks I have to set up an API Workflow using backend workflows.

In bubble development mode, I can get my API Workflow to Detect Data. With this I have no problem getting Stripe to work in test mode, using a test Credit Card.

In bubble live mode, Can’t get my API Workflow to Detect Data. Instead it seems to be stuck on some old webhook from stripe that’s already been deleted .

How can I receive live webhooks from Stripe in Stripe Live mode? Is there a way to clear my API Workflow somehow on bubble live mode so it doesn’t get stuck? Or rather is there a way I should connect to live stripe using Bubble Development mode?

Thanks for considering my issue :slight_smile:

I’m confused, if you detect data and setup your API call in dev mode, when you push to live it’s all set up.

Then you just have to go into your live Stripe webhook settings and make sure it’s the same webhook URL but without the /version-test and without /initialize


Thanks, it works! I somehow missed this, thanks!

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