Stripe Webhook - Can detect data, but workflow not triggering

I have created a backend workflow with an endpoint called “subscribe”. On Stripe, I’ve created a webhook that calls to this endpoint. I’m able to successfully see the data in “Detect Data” when watching. I’m not using Current User. But nothing in the workflow itself is happening. I have a really basic “create thing” step as step 1 to capture 2 details from the request data. It’s not happening.

I don’t have anything paused in the scheduler. Any idea what’s going on?

Thank you!

Please share any relevant screenshots

Take /initialize out of the webhook URL in Stripe

And your API workflow has to have “Doesn’t require authentication” enabled and you handle security yourself in the “Only when” box, but that is a whole other story on the best way to do that.

Is there a good reason that Bubble doesn’t scrap the whole /initialise thing and instead just put it into initialisation mode when you click ‘detect request data’ and that popup is open?

Not too sure, definitely is confusing for ppl. Maybe to prevent one dev from sending data to the endpoint while the other is reinitializing, but sounds like a very rare scenario…

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My thoughts exactly and it is only in the test environment anyway…