API workflow not triggering


After a payment is made, I set it up fora webhook to send this information to Bubble, but I am not seeing this in Bubble with “Detect Data”.

I’ve tested with www.webhook.site and my payment processor does indeed trigger the webhook. But when I change it to the initialize webhook URL from Bubble it doesn’t receive the data.

Does it have to do with any of these settings?


It all looks good…

When you say it doesn’t receive the data, just to clarify… you mean when you click on ‘detect data’ in Bubble, and then trigger the event through your payment processor (sending to your Bubble endpoint URL including /initialize), it’s not being detected in Bubble?

Hi Adam,

Exactly, yes.

But when I swapped the webhook URL with the one from www.webhook.site (used in testing webhooks), I received the data instantly.