Can't get shape to stay within group

I have this line (shape) which I need to be inside the group, so it will scale along with the group.
20px margins on left and right. However, it sticks out of the group. How can that be the case?

I am almost sure the shape is inside the group, but how can I double check?

Hi there, @woezel1980… take a look at your elements tree, and if the shape is inside the group, you will see something like this.


Oh, and make sure the Only show hideable box is unchecked if the group and shape are visible on page load.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, I did not know this.
However, shape B (the line) sits inside Group G (the group). So the line should not stick out, should it?
BTW, I have the same problem with shape A (also a line/divider).