Can't get static text with my dynamic text


All I am trying to do is add a static text after the “Doesn’t Contain” bit. Is that possible cause it feels like no matter where I click, it isn’t valid or it just ends up selecting the dynamic text.


Assuming the expected value is a ‘text’, you should just be able to type it directly into the expression.

But, looking at your expression, it doesn’t look like it is a ‘text’… in which case, obviously, you can’t enter a text value.

what exactly are you trying to do here?

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I was hoping it would do a search for in the Category section, and if it “doesn’t contain” “Downtime” in the category then the checkbox input would be disabled and 0% opacity. Yes the value would be a text too. I want to enter the condition as,

“… doesn’t contain” “Downtime”.


So I have managed to fix it by inputting this…

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