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[RESOLVED] Dynamic AND static text in a box

Is it possible to have BOTH dynamic AND static text in a Text Box?

Artwork is a painting by ArtistName painted in Date on ArtworkMedium

Ofcourse… Just put the dyanmic fields with the insert dynamic data after that simply type in the static text

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As above, yes. But beware, it is flaky. If you enter dynamic it can be hard to get it to switch back to text entry. So you will enter some text and … it just disappears. If all else fails I just delete the field and start again. Make sure you know exactly what you want to type in, it is worse when you are editing text.

not really, you just need to click at the start of any segment, be it dynamic or static… I’ve been using this flawlessly for months

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Hmmm, I find it difficult to do, so maybe browser specific ? I am fairly certain it should be easier than I find it :slightly_smiling:

I use chrome… the trick is to click near the first character of each segment (static or dynamic to position cursor there

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Thanks ! Every day is a school day, shall try this.

Right, the problem I was having was one of finesse! Once I’d added dynamic data, the static data starts on the next line (while typing) but adjusts once you finish or add another dynamic item.