Unable to search by text value?

I must be missing something simple here because I’m not able to search for a thing based on static text. Is that not possible or am I doing something wrong here?


Trying to search my Schedule Types where the Schedule Type = “Front Office”. But every time I type in the value, with or without quotes, the text I type in gets deleted. How can I simply do a search where one of my thing’s field values is equal to some text I want to type in?

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Hey @davidayres,

What data type is your “Schedule Type?”


It’s just a text type.



Ah, ok. So what you’ll need to probably do is delete the dynamic data input, then write text instead. Hard to explain in text, I’ll follow up with a screenshot in my next reply (on my phone right now)

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Hi Johnny,

Oh boy, do I feel dumb. Thank you soooo much!!! Was getting frustrated, when I shouldn’t be. Been a long day for me already I guess.

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No worries! Glad I was of help! :blush: