Can't input sentence with line break in API Workflow

In my current app, I couldn’t input sentence which has line break as API workflow parameter.
Here is the image. I tried to set sentence with line break to “sentence area”, but can’t make it.

I could input sentence with line break to an app which version is 27.
However, in my new app which version is 28, I couldn’t input sentence with line break. (Version 29 is also)

Do someone facing same issue?
Does anyone know how can I overcome this issue?

Please could you kindly help me?

Here is API workflow as reference.

line breaks represent a space between paragraphs. line breaks do not appear within a sentence, even if that sentence requires multiple lines to be fully displayed. from you screen shot it looks like you are not really using a line break but are using a space between words, which should work fine, although it might be that the API provider requires it to be URL encoded?

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What I mean is that I wanna input multiple lines.
I could input multiple lines in another Bubble app which version is 27.
However on version 28 and 29 app, I couldn’t input multiple lines.

Use Arbitrary Text


Thank you so much!
I could do it by using Arbitary Text.

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