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Can't make conditions to icon using a custom state stick

I thought what I tried was very simple:

Client clicks the accept icon next to a quote and after all the workflows are done, a state of ‘accepted = yes’ is set for the icon. Then the conditions are to change the icon’s color and make it ‘unclickable’. In my own app this works fine, but the state doesnt seem to stick. Whenever I navigate away and then back to the page with the icon, the icon has changed color and is clickable again.

I tried to reproduce the issue in the forum app but there it doesnt even work at all. Any ideas?

I got it to work in the forumapp, but I don’t know if custom states are supposed to stick without some sort of DB write. It doesn’t look like custom states stick after a page refresh or a navigation, but I’m not sure if that’s a bug or if it’s desired behavior by Bubble.

To get it to work on the Forum app, all I did was remove the “style” from the icon. Once I did that, it seemed to work fine. Not sure why that would matter.

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removing the style… that is weird…

but I think you are on to something. It may have something to do with it not being written to a DB. I guess I would have to add another field then…

Maybe someone from the Bubble team knows more.

Thanks for checking it out!