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Cant remove plugin? any ideas on this?

I have been working on a plugin. I’m now done testing it and cant seem to remove it from the app as a testing plugin. Here’s a video showing the issue. i have removed all the workflows from the tested app also

have you experienced this before?


Simply Uninstall the plugin and close your bubble app editor.

Try to open bubble app editor again from your bubble home page. Sure it works :muscle:

Does not work. Ive done this several times already.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Brower url have param called “&test_plugin=”, which is referring to your test plugin.

This was trying to install your test plugin into your bubble app. Manually try to remove the specific param from Brower.

When you are opening the test bubble app editor from your test bubble plugin, this param will appear in Brower url.

Please make sure you are opening your bubble editor from your test plugin / bubble apps

Thank you for pointing that out!

I was partially typing the URL into the browser and letting autocomplete finish it off

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