Can't save an image to the database


I’m not able to save an image to a new record. The user is on a page for creating a new “Request” record. An image is automatically loaded via the Unsplash API. After filling out a form, he presses “Create”. The form is saved fine, but the image cannot be saved because I can’t set the field properly. The only options I get are width and height. I want the image itself of course.

On another page, I’m able to change the image and update the record fine.

I think it’s something to do with the page’s type, but I don’t know how to fix it!

Hi @andrew36,

Where are you calling the unsplash image to?

It looks like you’re referring to an Image Element (Image A)…

An image element (like a text element) is just a visual element for displaying data (in this case an image), so it doesn’t have a value you can refer to elsewhere…

So, if you want to refer to the image that the image element is displaying, you’ll need to use the same data source you’re using in the image itself (i.e. the API data call)…

Although, to make things more efficient, you’re better off using a group somewhere with Image as it’s content type, and the API image as it’s data source, then you can simply refer to that Group’s Image in both the Image element AND the Create a new request workflow action.

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Thanks Adam, that last tip about the using a group with Image type was amazing. I would never have thought of that myself!

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Adam, I’ve run into another problem. I need the user to get a new random image on the Create Request page by pressing a button. I’m struggling with creating a workflow to do this. I believe I can’t update the Image itself via an API call for the reason you gave above.

The workflow I tried on the Create Request actually works on the Edit Request page, however.

Create Request page:

Edit Request page:

Do you have any suggestions?

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