Cant save date to thing from two groups?

I built a form that has two groups. The first one is shown on page load, the second one is hidden on page load.

When they click ‘next’ on the first form, it saves all of that form data to a thing, then shows the second group form. When they click ‘submit’ on the second one, it doesn’t save the data to the thing although it is supposed to. I made a video - see here:

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, this makes me feel kinda lame haha. Am I missing something?


The video link isn’t working. For the second group are you:

  • entering new data and then saving to thing
  • pulling data from the database based on what you entered in the first group
  • using custom states from first group action

Sorry for the video issue, it should be working now.

  1. I am having the form filled out the someone hits next (group is call ‘1 set’)
  2. in the second group it is also writing to the same data - in the video it shows this, but it is saving data to the same thing as ‘1 set’

does that make sense?

@ben4 if the issue is ‘make change to thing’ on second question set workflow isn’t actually making the change in the database, run your debugger in step-by-step and see if the right thing is identified for that action.

Hey Neerja,

Thanks for the quick reply. It seems that in step by step mode it is correctly writing, however in the app data, nothing is showing up for the second set. I feel like i am losing it lol. Were you able to see the video? I can make another of the debugger showing what is happening?

Thanks so much,

The video doesn’t show your step by step test so create a publicly viewable test app that shows the same behavior or send support a bug report

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