Save form and continue to edit


I am creating a form and work like the option for it to be saved but not closed. The first time it is saved then a new thing is created but from then on the current thing is updated. I can not figure out how to identify if the current thing has already been saved or not ?



@brian.ingle In the first part of the form, on save the workflow should be create a new thing. In the second part, pass the newly created thing’s id as parent group’s thing. And then all subsequent save options will have the workflow make changes to parent group’s thing. This should help you achieve what you are looking for. Happy to help in case you get stuck somewhere.

Hi anil, thanks for the support, I must point out that I am using a single page with show / hide on Groups to move to the form parts. The initial create new thing works fine but subsequent update current thing does nothing. I guess I somehow need to let the page know it is associated with the thing initially created ?

I was referring to a single page form itself. Here is what you need to do.

1.Create a separate group for each part of the form.
2. Control visibility of these groups using custom states.
3. After the initial create thing, pass the current thing to the next group. So the 2nd part of the form should have a parent thing. This will ensure that you are saving data to the same thing.

Hope this helps. Happy to look at your app to see where it is stuck.



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