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Data is not saved correctly

Hi guys,

after creating a huge form with about 100 entry inputs, i have problem with saving all the input in a database.
When i fill out the form as a test, just a few of the variables are actually safed.

What could be the problem here?

I´m really desperate right now so help is very much needed. :slight_smile:

Are you sure you have linked all of the elements in the workflow?

Yes they are all linked, looks like this:

This List goes on and on…

Some inputs are stored, others not.

Can you maybe provide a link to your app. It’s difficult to say without seeing it.

What i can do is provide you with some more screenshots, hope it helps:

Is it maybe that there are too many fields to be safed at once?

Thanks for your Help…

So i solved part of the problem by unhiding all the groups that were hidden at the moment when the button that creates the new thing is clicked.

But there are still fields that are not implemented in the final dataset.
What could be possible reasons for this?

Are some of the fields in different groups?

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Hey raymond thank you for taking the time to help me with my problem! :sunny:

Yes, the fields are seperated into 9 different groups.

The idea is, that after clicking “Continue” in Group 1, Group 2 becomes unhidden and Group 1 hidden.
This should improve the User experience.
The Data Storage/upload happens at the very end on Group 9.

No worries, it’s a pleasure. I learn by helping.
I think that’s where your problems lay.

Can’t you save the data step by step and then maybe make changes to a thing.


Thank you so far!
I still have a problem on an other page of the page where I also have several objects.
Clicking the button to the next object triggers a 'change to a parent group of a thing.
As this doesn’t work properly I’m asking myself weather this is a valid operation.

Don’t give up! Find a way to make it work. Maybe private mail me a public link to your app. You will first have to make it public. You can always change it back to private.