Can't select Dropdowns Value

Hello I need to get the values from the dropdowns to send them to a database. I cant select them, anyone knows why? Types should match (both are text). Dropdowns are dynamic choices.

Thanks for your help.

When you hover ‘value’, what does it say? When you click more, what does it say? Are you sure you don’t mean to save Dropdown’s value’s Display?

The Dropdown “Größe” (first one) is working. Why are the others are not working. The Dropdown Größe ist static value tho and not dynamic choice.

Either you’re mistaken about that, or something has gone wrong… (my guess would be the former).

But as, @georgecollier points out, you can easily confirm that by hovering over the expression (it will tell you what ‘type’ it evaluates to), or just look at the issue checker - it will tell you exactly what’s wrong.

Dropdowns are dynamic choices.

If the dropdown choices are dynamic, then they almost certainly aren’t texts (unless the choices source is a list of texts? otherwise they must be objects of some kind)… which strengthens my suspicion that you’re mistaken about their ‘type’.

If the fields you’re trying to set are of type Text, then you need to select a Text value from the dropdown value object.

Okay how can I convert them to use the value of the dropdowns?

Well I don’t anything about your app, or what you’re trying to do here… so I can’t answer that.

But the field type must match the value type.

So either change the field type (you probably don’t want to do this, but maybe you do).

Or, define a value of the correct type.

I am getting this error shown:


It’s telling you the exact error, you’re trying to give a Mitarbeiter_Liste when it needs text.

Okay but how can I convert the selected dropdown value to text?

Well you probably don’t want to… but if you do then it sounds like you want Dropdown Kontierung’s value’s Name…

Okay worked now. I am still a newbie sorry.
Thanks for the patience :slight_smile:

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