Dropdowns are making me feel stupid

Apologies if this is a super simple, or beginners question, but I can’t get my dropdowns to work with any conditional statement or workflow.

My issue is the choices never show up when I’m writing a workflow or conditional statement. Essentially, I can get to (Dropdown A 's value is _____), but unlike free response inputs I use the option for the choices in dropdown A don’t appear. If I manually type them out, the condition doesn’t work.

I can’t find help on this anywhere and am so frustrated. What’s going on?

Have you got an example (with screenshots)?

Here are the screenshots and examples. Basically, I want group B to only appear if “No” is selected in dropdown A.

example 2

I’m adding conditional language to group B to only show when Dropdown A’s value is “No”, but “No” doesn’t show up as a choice like an input would from a free response, and when I manually type “No” the condition doesn’t work.

Pre-thank you for the help with this. I’m new to this and it’s killing me.

What is the datatype of Dropdown A?

Static choice dropdown?

Ah, ok… so you’re using static values… (in other words, just texts)

So in that case you need to manually type the value in the conditional expression (as you’re not using dynamic values).

so after Dropdown A's value is just type the word ‘no’ (if it’s not working, then you’re probably typing in the wrong place)

Thanks, Adam. I think I have this figured out.

For the life of me I couldn’t get it to work with static values, so I just created an option set with yes/no attributes and used a dynamic value.

Good choice because it reduces the room for error with a typo.

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