Can't select items in responsive view

Since today I can’t select any items from the responsive view… this happens in all my apps

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For 1 app it’s working again but my other apps I can’t select…

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I confirm that! In editor responsive view I can not access the properties of objects in a group: I can set only the properties of the parent group. Same objects a few days ago were instead accessible

the problem occurs with all different browsers!!

It’s a bug???!!!

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Yea definitely a bug

Yeah same issue here

I’m having the same issue. In my app editor I can only select one group and in a plugin editor I can select multiple groups. In both cases I cannot select any elements besides groups.

Has anyone filed a bug report yet?

I just posted the same issue! I sent an email to support@bubble but have not done a bug report

I filed a bug report at 9:57AM EST


Do you think it is safe to keep working on other things and worry about responsiveness later or do you thing any work thats done may be lost? I am kind of new to this “bug” thing.

We’ll look into this

@neerja in the same app I was having the issue (where there still is an issue) on a different page I was able to work with responsiveness, select elements etc…it seems to be unique to certain pages

We have found the issue and are pushing a fix.

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The fix is live

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The fix works! Thank!

Thanks! Fix ok!

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