Unable to select elements in Responsive view

So i was tinkering away at my header, adding a new link and button. I was previewing it was off center in
live view, so I go back to start tinkering again. But all of a sudden im not able to select any elements in
responsive view.

So i tried the following:

  • Closing the browser
  • Restarting computer (who knows)
  • Removing groups
  • Making a new header

Im most likely skipping something, but whatever I do. I can’t seem to be able to select any elements
when im making/editing a reusable element… Anyone got any ideas? :blush:

You could try right clicking on one of those elements (or the group if they’re contained in one) > bring to front option.

Maybe that will help in someway. Other than that, you might want to put a link to what you have so far so others could possibly assist. Sometimes these things are easier to see in action.


I confirm that!!! In editor responsive view I can not access the properties of objects in a group: I can set only the properties of the parent group. the same objects a few days ago were instead accessible

the problem occurs with all the different browsers!!

It’s a bug???!!!

Can confirm the bug.
Using OSX 10.13.6, persists on latest Safari, Chrome and Firefox

One can still access/edit the elements through the “Search for an element” search/dropdown

We have pushed a fix

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